Clean-tech: Realistic opportunistic

During these weeks many insights on Clean-Tech and innovation have been given. Mostly alarming and quite shocking: ‘Clean-tech is dead’, ‘the Clean-tech era is over’.  Thoughtfully awakening the entrepreneurs from the (European) clean-tech bubble.Welcoming them to the business world of the United States. Arriving in Boston opened-up a whole new technology driven but business oriented world. Sincere and thoughtfull and realistic about the actual clean-tech opportunities.

Yes, there is a certain investor resistance. But on the other hand also much seedfund and research support. And actually many funds and opportunities in the European Union.
Yes, clean-tech development takes time, but by partnering and cooperation between startups this time frame can be limited.
Be honest and realistic, know where you stand, your market, your business and your position in this framework.

Speaking for my own situation, coming from YES!Delft – one of the leading high-tech incubators in Europe – you realize it’s true and time for action. The importance of understaning the world behind your technology. Gain concrete market knowledge.  Understand your value-chain. Build your network and find partners that can actually lift you up. But to realize this, often a certain trigger is required. This might be enforced due to your financial situation, by partners and advisors of your organization or by a tour like this and organizations like an incubator or Climate-KIC.

So get out there!

  • Rediscover yourself, your market, your valuechain.
  • Build that business case and reduce risks with partners, your value chain, knowledge and funding.
  • Reconsider your value proposition and perceive from every chain around you
  • Build that network! Gain all the knowledge you can get, and more

Wouter de Bruijne

YES!Delft Incubtaor


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