Altering the future

For your perspective I’m writing this blog from the rocket space accelerator, in the middle of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship. Surrounded by entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs only. And that’s just what this blog is all about.

I love Guy Kawasaki’s saying: ‘Entrepreneur is not a job title, it is a state of mind of people who want to alter the future.’ But you may wonder what altering the future is about.

Christine Hertzog, an executive in residence at Plug and Play – Techcenter,  opened the Ecosummit Lounge by stating the hope that the next Edison would  be in this room. I am sure that that’s what Kawasaki was referring to.

Talking to many entrepreneurs here at Rocket Space, that’s something no one mentions. They all know their development speed, their  value for investors or the opportunities of an exit. Commercial values that are a necessity of successful entrepreneurship. And commercial values and speed that can be more adopted in the European Cleantech culture.

The vibe of a center like Rocket Space or NYC-incubtaor is amazing, truly catching and inspiring. The energy, network, speed, ambition, and commercial awareness  that’s what makes ‘the valley’ work. If this could be combined with the aspirations of these climateKIC entrepreneurs we can truly alter the future.


Wouter de Bruijne


Steve Blank – the Secret history of Silicon Valley

Steve Blanks reveals the history of Silicon Valley. 
How the valley came the innovative tech centre of the world.

World War II, the Cold War and one Stanford professor set the stage for the creation and explosive growth of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.

Reality check

Reality check

When one of the participants tells how he nearly ran over (Apple co-founder) Steve Wozniak, we realize where we are. Welcome to Silicon Valley.

Welcome by the Dutch Consul General

The official welcome is by the Dutch Consul General who inivited us at his home. The first round of pitches follows and Dutch beer and Californian wine proof to be a good combination.

It is by talking to the participating entrepreneurs, you come to realize what the most important gain is of joining this Climate-KIC tour. Every entrepeneur who has been in meetings with people in the Valley comes to a certain discovery.  Besides all opportunities you’ll encounter and the network that you will build. Silicon Valley it’s a reality check. It is a confrontation of where you are,where you could have been and what you’ll have to do next.

And we are only just beginning, there’s a lot more reality to come..

Wouter de Bruijne

An Introduction – The Climate-KIC USA Startup Tour

13 Clean-Tech companies |   26 innnovators
4th until 13th of September 2012   |  Silicon Valley – Washington – Boston

The Climate-KIC USA Startup Tour provides a platform for European innovators and entrepreneurs to expose and promote their climate ventures within the USA innovation ecosystem.


  • Pitching sessions at RocketSpace, ARPA-e, Greentown Labs and NETVA.
  • The EcoSummit Lounge – Silicon Valley. Meet al 13 participants
  • Socialising and networking with Steve Blank, Ken Morse, the embassies.
  • Lectures at UC Berkeley Haas Business School, MIT Deshpande Centre and Harvard business school Innovation Lab & Entrepreneurship Ventures.

The group

AirSerenity  – Indoor air treatment device  – download
Bluerise  – Deep ocean thermal energy  – download – follow
Carzapp  – P2P car sharing with access device  – download – follow
Ecosummit  – Smart Green Business Network  –  download – follow
Enbreeze  – Small urban wind turbine  – download – follow
Eternal Sun  – Solar testing with large area steady-state solar simulator –
download – follow
e-volo  – Electric helicopter for urban aviation  – download
Greasoline  – Biofuel from bio-based oil, fats and fatty acids   –  download
My Sollars  – Carbon consumer loyalty programme   – download – follow
PureVLC  – Enabling LED light bulbs to transmit wireless data   – download
Sunuru  – Solar power, cost-effective, anywhere   – download – follow
UWI Technology  – Reducing food waste with smart product label – download – follow
Waste2Chemical  – Converting organic waste to useful chemical
materials – download – follow